How To Strikethrough Text In Twitter

Strikethrough Text is a tool commonly used for indicating the deletion of a text or removal of a message, text, or sentence. Most of the chatting platform generally comes with a build-in strikethrough tool, but unluckily, Twitter does not offer an in build Strikethrough Text. But don't worry, several online sites provide excellent features for adding a strikethrough on any social media platform. In this article, you will learn how to add strikethrough text in Twitter using "Yaytext" strikethrough text generator.


strikethrough text

So to Strikethrough Text on a Twitter post, you must compose the tweet first, and before you post it, you will have to create the Strikethrough Text. Open the YayText text generator on a new page. You will see a box that says “your text,” so write the text you wish to cross out inside the box. And below the box, you will see different cross out designs; choose a design you prefer and click on the “copy” icon, this will copy the text to your computer clipboard. Now, return to your Twitter and paste the cross-out text on your post, which you copied from the text generator, and you are ready to post.

Now, if you want to create a Strikethrough Text on your Twitter direct messages, here is how you can create. Go to the messages, write the text, and before you hit send, you will create the Strikethrough text, just like how you created a Twitter post strikethrough text. Open a new tab and go to the YayText text generator. Write the text or the message you want to cross-out on the box given as “your text.” Select the strikethrough design you wish to use then click on “copy.”To find new details on strikethrough text kindly visit

strikethrough text

Return to your messages and paste the cross-out text which you copied, and your Strikethrough Text will be created. You will follow the same steps to create a Strikethrough Text in your Twitter profile. Edit your profile as you wish, and before you click the “save” button, you will have to create a new tab to open YayText generator and write the text you wish to cross-out. Next, copy the text and past it on your profile, and you are good to go.


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